Friday, September 4, 2009


The comparison between SMS and e-mail has always been an issue of debate in all the technological forums around the world. And this debate is not unforeseen. It had to happen, as when two equally powerful technologies namely computers and mobile phones are standing face to face with each other. The trend peacefully coexisted for quite a while and both the techniques of communications are still very much popular in their own respective niche markets. And each medium has its own similarities and weaknesses that compensate the drawbacks of each other.

The comparison arrived with the convergence of these devices where computers started serving the function of calling and the mobile phones started working like computers. Then started the competition between both mediums. While we analyse both mediums, it should be understood that both are equally relevant in their own regards and they cannot replace each other. SMS is a short message that is a more informal method of staying in touch and yet it is more accessible in comparison to an e-mail. This is a genuine sentiment amongst all of us that an e-mail is generally used by all the white collared executives to communicate in a more dignified way. On the other hand the SMS is used in a very informal fashion by the blue collared people. Never mind these constructions; they can not be 100% applicable in both the cases.

There started a better and more innovative version of the SMS, namely MMS, that had more to do with the videos and clips but the concept couldn't pick up in the mass market and was termed as a big flop. And to an extent it is a failure. However, the drawback of SMS is that you have a limited word limit
(160 words) and you are charged money for sending an SMS. However, on the other hand, the e-mail has always been free of cost and is more economical and without any word limit. So, you could write as long as you can while using your e-mails.

But SMS is more efficient than the E-mails as it would work everywhere and you could check your SMS even while you are outside. With the advent of the blackberry connectivity and various e-mail protocols in a mobile phone, checking your e-mails is possible through a mobile phone also but again the cost factor abstain us in doing so.

Thus, both these mediums have retained their hold on their respective markets and thus despite all the comparisons, it seems that the both ways are inevitable and can't take each other's place.


nophie on September 14, 2009 at 10:54 AM said...

i prefer sms than e-mail. cos not all of people using e-mail. :D

Hosney on September 17, 2009 at 5:50 PM said...

yes agree, but now you can acces and send email from your phone. Technology might change just like telex to fax, fax to email and now technology towards fully utillized 3G, which is can carry data,voice and mutimedia together.

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