Saturday, September 26, 2009

Somethings about "SMARTPHONE"

Every one of us talk about smartphone, but what are the real function about this smartphone?. What's we can see normally the screen size of the phone is wide and with on screen or Qwerty keyboard.


A smartphone is a small communication device, which is can be used for communication and a basic computing functions. The smartphone users can have an option to personalize their range of application to suit their daily life style and job. They can choose, install and use whatever application, unlike ordinary cell phone which is solely depend on application that come with the phone.

With a combination of communication and basic computing, the smartphone capable to receive and send phone calls; manage user information through their to-do list, calendar/organizer and notes; create or establish networks as well as synchronize data with the devices in the network; send and receive emails; and download and play media files and more to that..other third party application such as GPRS, Java, wifi and Bluetooth. The smartphone can be synchronized with other device like pc or laptop to keep files update, and more than that most of smartphone can act as an wireless modem for internet mobile communication.


1. Symbian OS

2. RIM Blackberry

3. IPhone OS-Apple

4. Window Mobile-microsoft.

5. Android-Google

6. Linux

7. Palm OS


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