Thursday, December 3, 2009


Frustrated with your internet broadband ?.. that’s the best word normally we used, until we call it’s “ BEROK BANG”. The modem shown speed at 7.2Mbps and it’s running at HSDPA but why take half and hour to open any webpage some time. The modem that has been running on HSDPA and its should be fasters to access the internet but why it’s turn slow to the point of intolerable and unacceptable level.

Non of service providers rep. or agent informs us that Malaysian standard maximum level of internet connectivity at this time is only at 3.6Mbps for 3G’s mobile internet broadband.

So, what is 7.2Mbps, that’s the maximum speed level between your modem and computer or laptop. The maximum bandwidth between your modem and providers transmission still up to 3.6Mbps

I had tested four of our local’s broadband service provider and even conducted my own speedtest and fully utilized for a month, and here’s are my conclusion.

Streamyx – Number One. Don’t ever under estimate just because mobile internet already in the markets. The proven better of data speeds, stability and the unlimited download still the main point why
Streamyx will be my first choice. The service is the right choice for business and home usage. The only problems is certain places having a problem to access internet when there is a heavy rain and another thinks is Streamyx is not mobile internet, unless you mobile your self to cyber café or starbuck or any places with Wi-Fi services.

P1-Wimax – This is 4G technology broadband provider. It’s only available at limited coverage area, so only a few people will be getting benefit’s with it ; maybe they are still new to develop a new infrastructure which is costly. The speeds are good, uploading data a bit slowly and it’s not suitable for business purposes. You still have a limit’s on download data and if you wants to go for unlimited like streamyx…very…very expensive. Like I said. Only suitable for home usage.

Maxis broadband. I am still new with it. What I can say it here..3G environment will be the same, the system shared between voice and data, you may find a problem when high usage on data or voice. Limited coverage for HSDPA for the east coast is the main problem here.

Celcom broadband. Come to the no 1, 3G’s wireless broadband provider. They had a huge number’s of subscriber, even for me they tried to give the best service but with the over flow of their subscriber, I don’t think s the customers will be happy with their service. The rate is competitive, download a higher among‘s 3G’s competitor but we can still hear the words “ BEROKBANG”

All the service provider’ promoting the best package and system that they have, you may take your time to select whatever suit your requirement. The worst if you are refer to their representative which is not well-versed with the technical knowledge of the product. People consider broadband service for its speed and service. People are becoming smarter. They know how to compare. But if you don’t even know what speed transfer rate is, don’t even know what your competitor is offering, don’t know the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product is, don’t you even dare try to sell. Simple!


Murky on December 11, 2009 at 12:09 PM said...

bro..good posting :) ..yes, they cheated my sis that her broadband speed can up till 7.2mbps by showing to her a USB modem..huh..

actually, the broadband service provider should improve their service due the high number of their customer. i alrd try both maxis and celcom, and the result is ..poor.. especially celcom :(

i think this their strategy to make people change the service from basic plan to rm90 plan :\ on January 14, 2010 at 3:36 PM said...

Nice blog kawan, tetap posting yaa biar rame

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