Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mobile working is possible

Most of us now preferred to work away from office environment or the nature of our job to work be away from office and must be independent,  exciting is it?.  No friend’s around or supervisor for you to refer, all depend on you and all type of tool’s given that you can be contacted and it’s can make ease for your daily job operation.

All this depending on companies and individual’s requirement, we are sure with all the gadgets and communication technologies that we have now ….mobile working is possible

What is mobile working is all about?

  • To some it might simply mean the ability to move their telephone to another desk or location without requiring help from their IT department. 
  • To others it might mean the ability to freely roam around whilst on a call.
  • It could be interpreted as the ability to roam anywhere (both within the factory and outside the factory) with a single device.
  • It could mean being able to work from any location with the same look and feel as if you were sitting at your desk.
  • We could even extend choices to mobility allowing individuals to determine which calls they receive on which device depending on their unique schedule.
All that depending on your interpretation but, to be success with mobile working environment, as an individual itself must be knowledgeable in IT’s application, creative and independent person.

Mobile working should provides universal access to all the communication tools, information and applications workers rely on to be productive, regardless of where they are or what device they have access to at the time.

In a few years time, we are not really depending on traditional office environment as their main place of work. I am going to tell you more on benefits from mobile working after this.

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