Thursday, May 21, 2009


Mobile working is about freedom and simplicity. With a new technologies and a latest devices are making easy to access information and work regardless where ever you are. Mobile phone are now equip with the range of computing device which is allowing us to create and acces EMAIL, create document and even hold meetings without being in the office.

WORKING IN REAL TIME - Mobile working really mean for the sales people or a staff working at client site. Instead of demonstrating a product with a laptop, they could connect to the your system or any relevant website, which is give client more information about the product and latest prices. This can be more sales and a better customer service.

FLEXIBLE WORKING - Depending on your business model and objective, the model mobile technology will vary. Previous Mobile working was synonymous with laptops. Now, handheld devices like PDA's, 3G smartphone and NetBook, which is become so popular now, that can handle data and voice on the move.


3G (HSDPA) SmartPhone - With a much higher data transfer rate, unlike WAP Phone, there is no waiting time to acces the Web. Wap phone data transfer rate at only 10kbps, 3G's up to 384kbps and with HSDPA you can download data up to 3.6 Mbps. The key features of 3G's phone with a video call communication, but the quality isn't good enough to make it a replacement for formal meeting. 3G's handphone also come with a range of usefull features - like digital camera, web and Email acces. The 3G's SmartPhone features enhance with push Email, GPS capabilities, organizer and file editing for standard office software. It's also can be link to your laptop or pc's as a modem.


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