Thursday, November 19, 2009

Congratulation Maxis

Today, 19th November,2009, Maxis Berhad, a second largest communication providers in malaysia being listed in KLSE's main board. Hopefully after the listed, maxis could provide the best ever services to their subscribers and more and more new coverage with the HSDPA's capacity. This is to cater the needs of today's communication technology. What we want's to see after the listing there is more and more package and solution at a very reasonable pricing, as we know right now they had a good package for students at only RM48.00/monthly ( max 3.6MBps ) and for blogers also. Need more information about email me.
Below this is the press statement:-

Largest listing ever in Malaysia and Southeast Asia;
Biggest telecommunications IPO in Asia-Pacific since 2000

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - November 19, 2009: Malaysia's leading integrated communications company, Maxis Berhad ("Maxis" or "the Company"), was listed on Bursa Malaysia today. With a market capitalisation of RM37.5 billion on opening, Maxis ranked as the fifth largest company listed on Bursa based on market capitalisation.

At the listing ceremony, YM Raja Tan Sri Dato' Seri Arshad Bin Raja Tun Uda, Maxis Berhad's chairman, said, "On behalf of Maxis Berhad, we are delighted to celebrate the completion of our initial public offering with this listing. The strong support we have received from the local and international investment community is a vote of confidence for both Maxis and Malaysia. We're also pleased that effective tomorrow, we will become a part of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index."

Raja Tan Sri Dato' Seri Arshad continued, "We are committed to playing a leading role in the development of the telecommunications industry and support the government's initiative to promote and increase high speed broadband penetration across Malaysia. In fact, we have strategically invested in modernising our network infrastructure in order to meet the demands of the evolving marketplace and are well-positioned to provide leading services and solutions in the future."

Finance Minister II Dato' Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, said, "The demand from foreign investors underlines the confidence they have in the future of the Malaysian economy and our capital market. The development of telecommunications is critical and is one of the pillars of a modern and innovative economy. I am confident that Maxis will retain its position as one of Malaysia's primary providers of telecommunication services and going forward, will be at the forefront in connecting us with information to meet the needs of our economy."

Dato' Sri Nazir Razak, CIMB Group's chief executive, noted, "After an intense global roadshow in major financial centres with some of the biggest names in the investment community, Maxis has garnered a tremendous response and managed to bring back many funds that had left the local market and attracted many new names to our shores."

The Maxis Berhad offering received a total demand of RM26.5 billion for the initial public offering size of RM11.2 billion.

The shareholding profile of Maxis Berhad upon listing is as follows:
Malaysian institutions and Bumiputera investors will collectively hold 18.9%, of which, 11.9% will be held by Bumiputera investors and the Malaysian Government agencies including Permodalan Nasional Berhad, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) and Kumpulan Simpanan Wang Pekerja. The remaining 7% is owned by Malaysian institutions;
Global institutional investors have subscribed for more than US$800 million which is 8.3% of the company;
Retail investors, including Bumiputera retail investors, will hold 2.8%; and,
The remaining 70% is held by Maxis Communications Berhad whose ultimate shareholders are Bumiputera foundations, Usaha Tegas and affiliates and the Saudi Telecom Company.
The Principal Adviser and Investment Banker for the Maxis Berhad IPO was CIMB Investment Bank Berhad.

The Joint Global Coordinators were CIMB, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs while joint managing underwriters were AmInvestment Bank, CIMB, Maybank and RHB Investment Bank.

The Joint Book Runners - who in addition to the Joint Global Coordinators, comprises J.P. Morgan, Nomura and UBS.

These materials are not an offer of securities for sale in or into the United States, Canada or Japan. The securities may not be offered or sold in the United States unless they are registered or exempt from registration. There will be no public offer of securities in the United States.

- End -

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Sunday, November 8, 2009


May be influenced by P1 wimax advertisement, ( potong..bila nak potong ) or cut when you wants to cut. I call my friend from one of P1 wimax's dealer to test the realibility of their wireless broadband which is agresively promoting by another local broadband provider, Packet One Network (malaysia) Sdn Bhd a subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad. I had an experience before this with 3G and streamyx and this is an opportunity for me to experience it with a 4G's technology.

Their representative come to my house because according their system, my area does not within P1 wimax's coverage. If I want to test, they themself must make sure that there is WIMAX broadband coverage in my area. The test is running succesfull at 1.2mbps. download level and upload at 0.3 mbps. by using speedtestdotnet.

The divice that they supply to me is basic wireless modem with wifi USB adapter's and according to them I can be online within 2 hrs. Yes..within 1 hour..they call me to confirm that I can start surfing...

Until today, I m really happy with the service, even the line drop also, that within the acceptable level if I compare with 3G's network.

I m recommend to all ...potong..bila nak potong..jangan tak potong, but one more thing before that...there is level of download ( 5GB only ). If you wants to go mobile..just forget it. The coverage area are limited at the moment...That's the stronggest point of 3G's.

So..think before you POTONG...I...MEMANG DAH POTONG..

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Facebook via SMS from Celcom

Ni berita baik bagi pengguna celcom xpax, biasa kita guna banyak sms, sampai ngan omak kat kampong pun kita bersms. Tapi yang ada GF tak do kredit..bersms jela..sampai beratus RM sebulan..ha guno ni, lagi jimat. Kenalah ada akaun facebook...daftar..percuma je..

Tidak perlukan talipon pintar ( smartphone ) kini anda boleh menggunakan handphone biasa untuk menggunakan kemudahan ini. Khidmat ini hanya menggunakan khidmat pesanan rengkas ( SMS ) yang akan menghubungkan anda dengan rakan-rakan Facebook dimana sahaja anda berada dengan kadar yang murah. Jika mengikut kadar biasa SMS ( RM0.10 ) anda hanya mendapat membuat 1,000 unit SMS, tetapi dengan kemudahan ini anda hanya berbelanja RM1.00/seminggu tanpa had penggunaan.

Bagaimana untuk memulakan:

Step 1: Dari talipon mudahalih ( handphone ) taip seperti diatas dan hantar ke no.tersebut.

Step 2 : Kena Login account Facebook kat internet, guna komputer lah pulak..pilih mobile activation. Jawab je semua soalan tu..

Step 3 : Dah siap semua..tunggu pengesahan di handphone...dah dapat pengesahan, boleh la guna.
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