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Special package to buy Android™ phone from Maxis

Day by day a new technology keep coming to us, all depend on our budget or needs for a new gadget with a latest technologies. We really want's to know what is Android™ is all about before we make any commitment with it. The best technology for mobile working with an affordable package, it can be advantages for the user/subscriber. Before we are going further to selection of hardware and package offer by MAXIS, Lets find out what is   Android™ is all about;

What is Android

Android™ is a new mobile operating system and software stack for mobile device. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google, and lately by the Open Handset Alliance . It is totally open source, allowing anyone to develop for it without having to pay fees. That means it is constantly new and evolving, with thousands of new apps available on the Android™ Market, with more to follow. It also comes with pre-loaded Google services like Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube. Everything you need, just a tap away.


·         Application framework enabling reuse and replacement of components
·         Dalvik virtual machine optimized for mobile devices
·         Integrated browser based on the open source WebKit engine
·         Optimized graphics powered by a custom 2D graphics library; 3D graphics based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specification (hardware acceleration optional)
·         SQLite for structured data storage
·         Media support for common audio, video, and still image formats (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF)
·         GSM Telephony (hardware dependent)
·         Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, and WiFi (hardware dependent)
·         Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer (hardware dependent)
·         Rich development environment including a device emulator, tools for debugging, memory and performance profiling, and a plugin for the Eclipse IDE
     Android Architecture
The following diagram shows the major components of the Android operating system. Each section is described in more detail below.

Android will ship with a set of core applications including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others. All applications are written using the Java programming language.
Application Framework
By providing an open development platform, Android offers developers the ability to build extremely rich and innovative applications. Developers are free to take advantage of the device hardware, access location information, run background services, set alarms, add notifications to the status bar, and much, much more.
Developers have full access to the same framework APIs used by the core applications. The application architecture is designed to simplify the reuse of components; any application can publish its capabilities and any other application may then make use of those capabilities (subject to security constraints enforced by the framework). This same mechanism allows components to be replaced by the user.
Underlying all applications is a set of services and systems, including:
·         A rich and extensible set of Views that can be used to build an application, including lists, grids, text boxes, buttons, and even an embeddable web browser
·         Content Providers that enable applications to access data from other applications (such as Contacts), or to share their own data
·         A Resource Manager, providing access to non-code resources such as localized strings, graphics, and layout files
·         A Notification Manager that enables all applications to display custom alerts in the status bar
·         An Activity Manager that manages the lifecycle of applications and provides a common navigation backstack
For more details and a walkthrough of an application, see the Notepad Tutorial.
Android includes a set of C/C++ libraries used by various components of the Android system. These capabilities are exposed to developers through the Android application framework. Some of the core libraries are listed below:
·         System C library - a BSD-derived implementation of the standard C system library (libc), tuned for embedded Linux-based devices
·         Media Libraries - based on PacketVideo's OpenCORE; the libraries support playback and recording of many popular audio and video formats, as well as static image files, including MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, and PNG

·         Surface Manager - manages access to the display subsystem and seamlessly composites 2D and 3D graphic layers from multiple applications

·         LibWebCore - a modern web browser engine which powers both the Android browser and an embeddable web view

·         SGL - the underlying 2D graphics engine

·         3D libraries - an implementation based on OpenGL ES 1.0 APIs; the libraries use either hardware 3D acceleration (where available) or the included, highly optimized 3D software rasterizer

·         FreeType - bitmap and vector font rendering

·         SQLite - a powerful and lightweight relational database engine available to all applications

A  Android Runtime
Android includes a set of core libraries that provides most of the functionality available in the core libraries of the Java programming language.
Every Android application runs in its own process, with its own instance of the Dalvik virtual machine. Dalvik has been written so that a device can run multiple VMs efficiently. The Dalvik VM executes files in the Dalvik Executable (.dex) format which is optimized for minimal memory footprint. The VM is register-based, and runs classes compiled by a Java language compiler that have been transformed into the .dex format by the included "dx" tool.
The Dalvik VM relies on the Linux kernel for underlying functionality such as threading and low-level memory management.
Linux Kernel
Android relies on Linux version 2.6 for core system services such as security, memory management, process management, network stack, and driver model. The kernel also acts as an abstraction layer between the hardware and the rest of the software stack.

Android™ phone from Maxis
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Malaysia Yang Pertama Di Rantau Ini Dapat Akses "Cloud Computing"

Malaysia menjadi negara pertama di rantau ini yang dapat mengakses pelbagai kemampuan "Cloud Computing" Microsoft Corporations, kata Ketua Pegawai Eksekutifnya, Steve Ballmer.

Malaysia juga merupakan antara 41 negara dalam dunia yang boleh memanfaatkan Window Azure, kata beliau semasa mengumumkan ketersediaan perkhidmatan online itu di sini pada Selasa.

Cloud Computing merupakan pengkomputeran berasaskan Internet di mana sumber perisian dan maklumat dibekalkan mengikut permintaan.

Window Azure adalah platform Cloud Computing yang membolehkan pemaju membina dengan pantas dan mudah, mengunakan dan menguruskan aplikasi serta perkhidmatan web dalam pusat data Microsoft.

Ballmer berkata Cloud Computing, di mana data dan perkhidmatan disimpan di luar "Cloud" dan akses melalui internet, mempunyai kepentingan kukuh bagi ekonomi seperti Malaysia.

Model kepelbagaian baru Cloud Computing bermakna setiap orang berpotensi mengakses infrastruktur teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi (ICT) yang sama, selagi mereka mereka mempunyai penyambungan jalur lebar yang kukuh.

"Oleh itu, projek jalur lebar berkelajuan tinggi Malaysia tentunya boleh dimanfaatkan untuk masa depan," katanya.

Menurut Ballmer, Cloud Computing Microsoft, boleh juga digunakan sebagai perkakasan dalam membantu menggalakkan dan mengubah Malaysia kepada ekonomi berpendapatan tinggi menjelang 2020.

"Kami menyokong sepenuhnya agenda inovasi Malaysia," katanya.

Cloud Computing juga menawarkan potensi yang besar untuk kecekapan, penjimatan kos dan inovasi.

Perkhidmatan berasaskan "Cloud" membolehkan kerajaan, syarikat-syarikat dan organisasi mendapat dengan segera keperluan secara maya, storan tanpa had dan sumber.

Mengenai bagaimana perusahaan kecil dan sederhana (PKS) boleh mendapat faedah daripada Cloud Computing, Ballmer berkata: "Komuniti PKS mempunyai akses yang sama dengan ruang storan dan perisian sebagaimana syarikat multinational besar.

"Ini akan menyediakan penyelesaian kepada perniagaan, membolehkan mereka berkembang tanpa sekatan infrastruktur ICT dilaksanakan.

"Cloud Computing membawa perkembangan masa depan dan berpotensi mencergaskan inovasi dan syarikat Malaysia di masa akan datang."

Microsoft melaksanakan Cloud secara meluas dan mengumumkan bahawa menjelang tahun depan, 90 peratus daripada lebih 40,000 pemaju akan menggunakan cloud computing.

Ia akan menyaksikan penyampaian aplikasi, sistem operasi server dan perisian lain sebagai perkhidmatan online.

Microsoft juga melancarkan suite Cloud Computing, Suite Online Produktiviti Perniagaan (BPOS) di Malaysia.

BPOS menyediakan akses daripada maya di mana sahaja untuk menambah perkhidmatan komunikasi, kerjasama dan produktiviti melalui aplikasi online, yang dihoskan Microsoft dan berasaskan langganan.

Ia termasuk online tukaran, pertemuan langsung dan online komunikasi pejabat.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Satu berita yang menarik yang ingin di kongsi bersama berhubung dengan pelancaran KampungWiFi yang di petik dari bahagian berita Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia 
(MCMC) pada 12 Mei 2010 yang lalu.

Pelancaran KampungWiFi di Kampung Bahagia Jaya, Teku di Sibu, Sarawak oleh Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia
Malaysia (SKMM) menandakan satu lagi pencapaian penting dalam usaha menggunakan sepenuhnya teknologi tanpa wayar atau ’wireless-fidelity’ (WIFI) untuk menambahbaik keterkaitan atau ’connectivity’ kepadaperkhidmatan Internet di Sarawak.

Majlis dilancarkan oleh Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, Menteri Penerangan Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan. Hadir sama Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, Pengerusi SKMM serta penduduk Kampung Bahagia Jaya serta komuniti-komuniti sekitarnya, wakil-wakil dari Kementerian, Jabatan dan agensi Kerajaan serta industri.

Projek Kampung WiFi di Kampung Bahagia Jaya, Teku dijalankan melalui inisiatif awam-swasta yang membawa bersama kepakaran syarikat Pernec Paypoint Sdn Bhd.

Menurut Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, Pengerusi SKMM ”Sarawak tidak akan dipinggirkan dalam pelaksanaan dasar Jalur Lebar Nasional (NBI). Pelbagai perancangan telah disusun untuk meningkatkan infrastruktur bagi menyediakan jalur lebar berkelajuan tinggi (HSBB) dalam dasar NBI di negeri Kenyalang ini.”

Beliau berkata teknologi WIFI akan mempermudah pembentukan masyarakat berilmu (K-Society) di Sarawak serta membolehkan negeri ini menceburi aktiviti ekonomi berasaskan kepada pengetahuan.

Pada majlis tersebut, Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim menyerahkan komputer netbook kepada 14 orang pelajar cemerlang dari Kampung Bahagia Jaya. Selain itu empat sekolah di Sibu turut menerima sumbangan komputer iaitu SMK Agama Sibu (13 komputer), SMK Sungai Merah (13 komputer), SMK Kwang Hwa Middle (14 komputer) dan SK Nanga Tutus (5 komputer).

Projek Kampung WiFi menyediakan kemudahan sambungan Internet tanpa wayar di mana syarikat Pernec meletakkan antena wi-fi di atas bumbung sekolah bagi memudahkan penggunaan jalur lebar bagi pelajar sekolah dan penduduk di kampung tersebut. Mereka dapat mengakses jalur lebar dengan kelajuan sehingga 4Mbps dalam lingkungan jarak sekitar radius 50 meter. 

Usaha ini membolehkan rakyat di kawasan-kawasan luar bandar dapat menikmati dan mengambil faedah kemudahan ICT sepertimana mereka yang berada di bandar sebagai mangkin untuk meningkatkan kualiti hidup mereka dan mewujudkan nilai ekonomi sama ada bagi isirumah, pelajar, wanita dan warga emas. Usaha merapatkan jurang digital ini merangkumi segala aspek ICT iaitu kemudahan komunikasi seperti telekomunikasi, Internet, maklumat, perisian dan perkakasan multimedia.

Kemahiran dalam bidang ICT boleh membantu matlamat penduduk tempatan untuk meneroka bidang-bidang kemajuan di kawasan itu, menjana ekonomi serta kemajuan di bidang ilmu dan pendidikan khususnya dalam melahirkan generasi digital.

Peruntukan perkhidmatan jalur lebar merupakan penyelesaian paling tepat dalam menambahbaik penembusan Internet dalam sebuah negeri yang besar seperti Sarawak dengan bilangan penduduk yang kecil, kira-kira dua juta orang dengan penempatan mereka tersebar luas di negeri ini.

Walaupun nampak kecil, pelaksanaan Kampung WiFi mempunyai matlamat yang penting dan bermakna dalam arus membangunkan negara ke arah status negara maju. Langkah ini dilihat kelak akan memberi lonjakan kepada penembusan jalur lebar di kawasan kampung dan di luar bandar seterusnya merapatkan jurang digital. Kampung WiFi ini ternyata dapat menyediakan kemudahan Internet dan ICT kepada masyarakat setempat untuk dinikmati bersama.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


KOTA BAHARU, May 17 (Bernama) -- Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat on Monday launched the "Internet Thoyyibah", which prohibits access to "approved" sites.

The service is held in collaboration between the state government and Jaring Communications (Jaring).

According to Jaring chief executive officer, Dr Mohamed Awang Lah, the service prevent access to "black-listed" sites and only allow access to "white-listed" Internet pages.

"The service will allow parents and heads of departments to monitor Internet access and ensure healthy online practices among children and government employees," he added.

Meanwhile, Nik Abdul Aziz, when launching the Internet service at Balai Islam here, hoped the service would bridge the digital divide among the people in the state.

He said currently, about 10 per cent of the 1.5 million population in Kelantan were Internet users, which was the lowest among other states.

"With Internet Thoyyibah, the digital divide between Kelantan and other states can be reduced," he added.

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Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Awards results

Cost optimisation will drive companies to consider technologies such as virtualisation, managed services and cloud computing in their business operations.

“Adding to this, the increasing consumer adoption of WEB 2.0 solutions such as Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs suggest that companies need to adopt these alternative customer outreach programmes,” Frost & Sullivan partner, Nitin Bhat, said at the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Awards here today.

The awards, in its sixth year, honour home-grown successes along with multinational companies operating within the highly-competitive Malaysian space.

Bhat said the award recipients had shown that a focus on the customer’s latent needs and innovation of product and services portfolio allowed for superior market performance.

In the vendor category, the winners are:

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories
( Contract Centre Applications Vendor of the Year );

NEC Corp
(Enterprise Telephony Vendor of the year).

Check Point Software Technologies
(Network Security Vendor of the Year).

Huawei Technologies
(Wireline Telecoms Equipment Vendor of the Year).

(Wireless Telecoms Equipment Vendor of the Year).

In the service provider catetory, the winners are;

(BPO Service Provider of the Year)

e-Cop Surveillance
(Managed Security Service Provider of the Year)

Telekom Malaysia Bhd
 (Managed Service Provider of the Year)

Data Communications
(Service Provider of the Year)

IDOTTV Sdn Bhd’s Islamic Banking Tawarruq Trading System
- Most Innovative Application
--Product of the Year)

Celcom Axiata Bhd
- Broadband Service Provider of the Year, 
- Mobile Service Provider of the Year 
- Service Provider of the Year
Time dotCom Bhd
( Special Award for Exceptional Peformance of the Year )

( the Most Promising Service Provider of the Year )

The Awards banquet was held alongside the 2010 Malaysia Excellence Awards. — Bernama

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Monday, May 3, 2010


Malaysia's leading prepaid brand expands value beyond campus confines

Hotlink, the country's Number One prepaid service from Maxis Communications Berhad ("Maxis"), today announced the launch of Hotlink Youth Club, a new prepaid and rewards plan that offers a host of exciting benefits exclusively for college students in Malaysia, including special voice and SMS rates, special benefits, rewards and discounts. Any person with a valid student identification card from any of Malaysia's institutes of higher learning can sign up for the plan. There are no restrictions in age or campus location for students to enjoy all the benefits of this new plan, whether the lowest voice rate (12 sen per minute for calls to any Maxis or Hotlink number) or the 1 sen per SMS charge. In line with Hotlink Youth Club's spirit of freedom, there is also no credit expiry for four years as long as subscribers perform a minimum top-up of RM10 annually.

Lai Shu Wei, Maxis Head of Product Marketing, said, "Hotlink Youth Club redefines Maxis' commitment to college students, who have been loyal and active supporters of the brand since Hotlink began ten years ago. We wanted a plan that would meet the evolving needs of today's college students. Hotlink Youth Club reflects the dynamic and highly mobile lifestyles of today's youth, who need to enjoy the best value, benefits and rates anywhere they are, not just confined to limited 'zones' or campus locations."

Maxis was the first mobile operator to extend special rates to students with the launch of the Hotlink Campus Zone in 2005. Customers in 29 campus locations nationwide enjoyed special call and SMS rates. In 2007, the initiative was re-launched as Hotlink Zone and the offer was further extended to customers in 44 campuses nationwide.

Hotlink Youth Club, which now replaces the Hotlink Campus Zones, was created by Maxis after conducting extensive surveys involving a wide range of college students today. All these surveys have revealed that today's youth want benefits and value-added services that specifically reflect their lifestyles, besides affordable rates and network coverage.

"We are pretty excited about Hotlink Youth Club, because it's created as a direct response to what college students have asked us for," added Shu Wei. "It also makes sense for college youth to be part of this - as they become part of Malaysia's biggest community of mobile users, and therefore, enjoy the benefits of affordable rates and exciting rewards within this community. Many of the students we surveyed told us that most of their calls - on average, three out of four times - were made to Hotlink and Maxis numbers. That's why this plan has the lowest on-net prepaid rate across the board - it's what really makes a difference for college students who are looking for real value."

Besides the best value in rates, Hotlink Youth Club also offers a very extensive range of benefits for members, including customised rewards coupons that are refreshed every two months, rewards points and special quarterly surprise bonuses, as well as exclusive contests and invitations to youth events and concerts.

Hotlink Youth Club reward coupons and vouchers include special discounts for products and services from specially selected popular youth outlets such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino's Pizza, Swensen's Restaurant, Focus Point Optical and Snips. Coupons and vouchers may be downloaded from the Hotlink website.

Hotlink Youth Club customers will also be the first to try out the latest innovations from Hotlink for free. To begin with, customers will have a chance to try out MFlash Movie Reviews which update them on new movie blockbusters; MMS Lifestyle news which offer tips on beauty, travel and health; and a complimentary caller ringtone for one month. Finally, they can look forward to monthly contests; and performances and events from Hotlink.

Please visit for more details.
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SMS Hoax - Be carefull

Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad would like to advise customers to be cautious of unsolicited SMS and to ignore SMS hoaxes that promise rewards and cash prizes.

The following SMSes have been circulating nationwide and if customers have received any of these SMSes, they are advised NOT to respond to it. Please note that theseSMSes/ messages are neuther sent nor endorsed by Celcom.

1.TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.20.000 dari peraduan CELCOM. Sila hubungi Call Centre : 006285656242229. Terimakasih

2. TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.15000 Plus Bonus Reload Kredit RM.250 dari peraduan CELCOM. Sila Call Centre : 006285215947000 Terimakasih

3. TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.20000 Plus Bonus Reload Kredit RM.250 dari Peraduan CELCOM. Sila hubungi: 006285656106237

4. TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.20000 Plus Bonus Reload Kredit RM.250 dari Peraduan CELCOM. Sila hubungi: 00628194176899 Terimakasih.

5. Pengumuman diri PETRONAS Mlys, TAHNIAH! Sim Card Anda tlh memenangi undian bertuah Cek tunai RM10.000 Sila hubungi: 006281519347178 Terimakasih.

6. TAHNIAH! Simcard anda telah memenangi hadiah cek tunai RM20,000. Plus reload kredit RM250 dari peraduan CELCOM. sila dail Call Center 00628565251247. terima kasih. Celcom would also like to remind customers to ignore any SMS/messages which promise rewards and cash. In addition, customers should also be cautious of SMS/messages which are received from a local number and the sender is NOT from Celcom 12302 or Xpax.

SMS/messages that carry an international number (i.e. phone numbers starting with 00xxxxxxxxxxx) should also be ignored.

Customers can also contact Celcom’s Customer Service personnel to authenticate and report any suspicious messages received by dialling; 1111 from your Celcom mobile, 100 from a TM fixed line, or 1-300 111 000 from other mobile numbers.

For publication purposes, please attribute quote to ‘Celcom’s Official Statement.’
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Mobile working benefits

A new trend of working’s environment today, required us to work away from office. What's are the benefits that they will gain from normal working environment?
These will bring about the most dramatic and visible changes for many users and include:
  • Increased productivity and greater job satisfaction. Mobile working can facilitate improved job satisfaction by allowing employees to work around family commitments and boost worker productivity by facilitating work schedules that better suit their needs. According to the Social Market Foundation remote working can increase employee productivity by 30 per cent
  • Remote working also reduces travel time for employees, leading to lower stress levels
  • Reach a person through the most appropriate means, depending on where they are and what they're doing. So, voice calls, emails, instant messaging, etc. all come into play at the right time. In the IP world, this is known as ‘presence' and is potentially one of the most exciting applications, saving executives' time, improving their productivity and enabling them to react more quickly to possibly crucial, time-critical decisions
  • Connect to any broadband connection in the world and interact with the office - receiving all voice calls, voicemails, emails and faxes - as though you were at an in-house workstation
  • Use a single mobile phone to work seamlessly inside and outside the office, switching between mobile and wireless WiFi connections
  • Integrate with office applications using voice commands to, say, fetch latest sales figures, listen to voicemail and even listen to emails and faxes that have been transcribed to voice. This only requires a mobile phone, so there may be no need to carry a separate personal digital assistant or notebook computer
  • Cut costs by linking first to the office system and then to the public network from any location when, for example, phoning a business contact back home from abroad for the cost of a local call
  • Use IP telephony to talk to family and friends without racking up huge hotel bills. In addition, people working at home can also be integrated easily into the office telephony environment. With increasing numbers of people needing to work flexibly, the extension of the office boundary to home and possibly temporary satellite locations (such as a construction site, for example) is clearly a given for IP telephony.
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